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John Osei Kofi tops 100m ranking with fastest 100m time in 2015

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John Osei-Kofi zoomed to the top of the 100m list (with no Ghanaian foreign-based athlete having run faster that his 10.53s) after winning the 100m final of the Open Championship at the EL Wak stadium

John Osei-Kofi zoomed to the top of the 100m list (with no Ghanaian foreign-based athlete having run faster that his 10.53s) after winning the 100m final of the Open Championship at the EL Wak stadium

Accra, Saturday 11th April, 2015:

John Osei-Kofi zoomed to the top of the 100m list (with no Ghanaian foreign-based athlete having run faster that his 10.53s) after winning the 100m final of the Open Championship at the EL Wak stadium on Saturday, 11 April. He also has a 21.22s 200m time from last month.

Elizabeth Azuure returned a time of 10.16.67 in the 3k to add to her 5K time from last month of 17.06.73.

Among the foreign-based, there were so many notable results:

Immediate assumption of the top ranking by Flings Owusu-Agyapong with her 11.44s time in her opening 100m (and a personal best 23.88s in the 200m).
Daniel Gyasi with a massive PB of 46.30s in the 400m
Emmanuel Dasor with a season best 20.85s and a massive PB of 46.5s in the 400m
Solomon Afful with very fine runs of 10.44s and 21.14s, although both were windy.
A national record smashing 7532 points by Atsu Nyamadi in the decathlon

This week also took the number of qualifiers for the African Games to 11 with the addition of Flings Owusu-Agyapong in the 100m and Emmanuel Dasor in the 200m. They are:

1. Flings Owusu-Agyapong – 100m
2. Gemma Acheampong – 100m
3. Suzie Acolatse – 100m
4. Janet Amponsah – 100m and 200m
5. Elizabeth Dadzie – heptathlon and 100m hurdles
6. Nadia Eke – triple jump
7. Jordan Yamoah – pole vault
8. Alex Amankwah – 800m (also qualified for World Championship)
9. Atsu Nyamadi – decathlon
10. Emmanuel Dasor – 200m
11. John Ampomah – javelin

Below are the latest rankings:

*** World Championship Qualifier

** African Games A standard

* African Games B standard


Flings Owusu-Agyapong 11.44s* 11-Apr

Gemma Acheampong 11.56s* 04-Apr Personal Best

Suzie Acolatse 11.65s* 14-Mar

Janet Amponsah 11.67s* 27-Mar

Doreen Agyei 11.93s 04-Apr

Akua Obeng-Akrofi 11.99s 03-Apr

Dorcas Gyimah 12.00s 11-Apr Personal Best

Stefania Gyamfi 12.03s 04-Apr Personal Best

Shekara Boakye 12.17s 03-Apr

Janet Mensah 12.19s 27-Feb

Happy Abruyah 12.34s 11-Apr Personal Best

Latifa Ali 12.38s 27-Feb

Jennifer Ntiamoah 12.46s 27-Feb


Janet Amponsah 11.12s (5.1 m/s) 28-Mar

Akua Obeng-Akrofi 11.78s (3.6 m/s) 11-Apr

Shekara Boakye 11.79s (2.3 m/s) 11-Apr

Doreen Agyei 11.87s (3.9 m/s) 10-Apr


Janet Amponsah 23.40s* 07-Mar

Flings Owusu-Agyapong 23.88s 11-Apr Personal Best

Akua Obeng-Akrofi 24.05s 07-Mar

Stefania Gyamfi 24.16s 11-Apr Personal Best

Gemma Acheampong 24.22s 04-Apr

Suzie Acolatse 24.23s 04-Apr

Stephanie Aidoo 24.30s 12-Mar Personal Best

Doreen Agyei 24.44s 04-Apr

Juanita Mainoo 24.72s 03-Apr Personal Best

Shekara Boakye 24.84s 21-Feb

Lynette Akai 24.99s 27-Feb

Kate Agyeman 25.14s 14-Mar


Janet Amponsah 23.27s (3.7 m/s) 04-Apr

Gemma Acheampong 24.14s (2.1 m/s) 21-Mar

Lynette Akai 24.73s (3.1 m/s) 04-Apr


Cheyenne Apesibah Tunti 55.29s 11-Apr

Lynette Akai 55.84s 26-Feb

Stephanie Aidoo 56.20s 13-Feb

Salome Agyei 57.21s 14-Mar

Ama Larbi 57.56s 10-Jan

Bless Dupeh 57.56s 21-Mar Personal Best

Vida Ayiglo 58.17s 27-Feb Personal Best


Agnes Abu 2.10.66m 03-Apr

Martha Bissah 2.12.78m 11-Apr

Salome Agyei 2.16.88m 27-Feb

Helen Maasutuo 2.16.94m 27-Feb Personal Best

Vivian Fosuaah 2.18.29m 27-Feb Personal Best


Agnes Abu 4.31.00m 03-Apr Personal Best

Sakat Lariba 4.38.96m 14-Mar Personal Best

Helena Maasotuo 4.43.66m 14-Mar Personal Best

Vida Ayaayine 4.48.98m 11-Apr Personal Best

One Mile

Lydia Mato 5.03.35m 07-Mar


Lydia Mato 10.10.73m 06-Mar

Elizabeth Azuure 10.16.67m 14-Mar Personal Best

Charlotte Fordjour 10.25.58m 14-Mar Personal Best

Hawa Kombat 10.27.0m 11-Apr Personal Best

Mariama Yakubu 10.36.48m 27-Feb Personal Best


Lydia Mato 16.51.75m 10-Apr Personal Best

Elizabeth Azuure 17.06.73m 11-Apr Personal Best


Elizabeth Dadzie 14.05s* 28-Mar Personal Best


Ama Larbi 59.64s 03-Apr

High Jump

Regina Yeboah 1.60m 14-Mar

Ellen Botwe 1.60m 14-Mar Personal Best

Elizabeth Dadzie 1.59m 28-Mar

Long Jump

Elizabeth Dadzie 6.05m 20-Feb

Ebony Owusu-Sampah 5.90m 06-Feb, 07-March

Nadia Eke 5.85m 28-Feb

Felicia Frimpong 5.76m 27-Feb Personal Best

Latifa Ali 5.60m 14-Mar Personal Best

Ellen Botwe 5.49m 27-Feb Personal Best

Triple Jump

Nadia Eke 13.32m** 01-Mar, 14-Mar

Mathilde Boateng 12.88m 21-Feb

Elizabeth Dadzie 12.40m 07-Mar


Elizabeth Dadzie 12.61m (3.0 m/s) 11-Apr

Shot Putt

Obeng Marfo 14.92m 11-Apr Personal Best

Claudia Ababio 14.18m 12-Feb


Claudia Ababio 45.00m 21-Mar Personal Best

Obeng Marfo 44.26m 11-Apr Personal Best


Claudia Ababio 50.82m 21-Mar Personal Best


Mary Zuta 42.28m 11-Apr


Elizabeth Dadzie 5144p* 28-Mar


John Osei Kofi 10.53s 11-Apr Personal Best

Solomon Afful 10.53s 21-Mar

Emmanuel Dasor 10.56s 03-Apr

Katakyie Ofori-Atta 10.68m 28-Mar Personal Best

Emmanuel Oduro-Mensah 10.70s 11-Apr Personal Best

Emmanuel Appiah-Kubi 10.72s 12-Mar

Stephen Opoku 10.72s 12-Mar

Desmond Aryee 10.74s 11-Apr

Shadrack Opoku-Agyeman 10.82s 11-Apr Personal Best

Roland Alena 10.87s 12-Mar


Solomon Afful 10.44s (3.6 m/s) 11-Apr

Shadrack Adu-Gyamfi 10.62s (2.3 m/s) 11-Apr


Emmanuel Dasor 20.85s* 11-Apr

Solomon Afful 21.21s 12-Mar

John Osei Kofi 21.22s 14-Mar Personal Best


Solomon Afful 21.14s (2.6 m/s) 11-Apr


Daniel Gyasi 46.30s 11-Apr Personal Best

Emmanuel Dasor 46.58s 14-Apr Personal Best

Robert Anaak 48.42s 14-Mar


Alex Amankwah 1.45.91m*** 03-Apr Personal Best (Ranked World #9)

Herns Agyeman-Duah 1.50.51m 03-Apr Personal Best

Sampson Azumah Laari 1.51.56m 21-Mar


Sampson Azumah Laari 3.52.55m 10-Apr Personal Best

Alex Amankwah 3.55.23m 28-Mar Personal Best

One Mile

Samson Azumah Laari 4.21.01m 07-Mar


Samson Azumah Laari 15.21.92m 21-Feb

Malik Yakubu 15.24.63m 14-Mar



Awal Faisal Mohamed 53.70s 14-Mar Personal Best

Barnabas Dompeh Aryee 53.73s 14-Mar Personal Best

Duncan Nuakoh Agyeman 53.85s 14-Mar Personal Best

Pole Vault

Jordan Yamoah 5.10m* 02-Apr

High Jump

Atsu Nyamadi 2.01m 01-Feb

Long Jump

Richard Seklorwu 7.44m 14-Mar Personal Best

Michael Bruce 7.41m 28-Feb

Mohammed Abubakar 7.34m 11-Apr

Atsu Nyamadi 7.34m 01-Feb

Solomon Atosona 7.23m 07-Mar

Triple Jump

Nana Owusu-Nyantekyi 15.67m 01-Mar

Edgar Panford 15.63m 21-Mar

Michael Bruce 15.31m 01-Mar

Martin Etsey 15.17m 11-Apr

Atsu Nyamadi 15.04m 06-Dec

Shot Putt

Emmanuel Ofori-Asante 15.77m 11-Apr

Atsu Nyamadi 14.20m 09-Jan

John Ampomah 14.13m 09-Jan


Emmanuel Ofori-Asante 43.89m 11-Apr

Atsu Nyamadi 43.50m 09-Apr


John Ampomah 76.50m** 03-Apr National Record

Atsu Nyamadi 65.63m 09-Apr

Awudu Bachela 61.64m 14-Mar Personal Best

Emmanuel Gyefa 60.25m 14-Mar Personal Best


Atsu Nyamadi 7532p** 09-Apr National Record (Ranked World #9)

Source: Ghana Athletics Association (GAA)

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